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Reconcile Demat a/c

With Hisab-Kitab

Maintain your own accounting of all stocks and don't rely solely on your broker's records. Regularly reconcile your records with those of your broker, as many brokers may lack transparency, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

We Provide All Kinds Of Portfolio And Expense Tracking Tools That You'll Appreciate

Stock Portfolio Tracking


Effortlessly track your stock portfolio and stay informed with important updates.

Mutual Fund Profolio Tracking


Easily monitor your mutual fund portfolio and stay on top of your investments.

Credit Card Bill Records


Keep detailed records of your credit card bills to manage expenses and avoid surprises.

Electricity Bill Records Tracking


Track your electricity bill records to monitor usage and manage usage and costs effectively.

Insurance Premium Records


Keep records of insurance premiums for timely payments and continuous coverage.

Medical Bill Records Tracking


Easily track your medical bill records to manage healthcare expenses.

Diabetes Results Records


Keep a detailed log of your diabetes results for better health management and monitoring.

School/College Fees Expense Records


Track school or college fees expenses for better financial planning and budgeting.

Mobile/TV/Broadband Bill Records


Track your mobile, TV, and broadband bills to manage expenses and timely payments.

Retirement Plan Goals


Set retirement goals to secure your financial future and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Rent/Maintainance Bill/Receipt Records


Maintain organized records of house rent and maintenance bills/receipts for accurate budgeting and financial planning.

Smoking/Drinking Expenses Records


Track smoking and drinking expenses to monitor spending habits and cut costs.

A sensational system for

a sensible purpose.

Money saved is money earned. When you be alert then you save money. Take insight from our tools and save money day by day. Manage your expense meticulously with technology.

The most cost-effective way to retain your hard-earned money.

  • Credibly reinvent your money management
  • Distinctively maintain your expense management
  • Money saved - money earned so start saving now

Convert chaotic data into

actionable data.

Spend on What Matters - Make Your Expense Perfect.

Turn complex and disorganized financial data into actionable insights with our advanced tools and expertise. At Hisab-Kitab, we empower you to spend on what truly matters by providing a streamlined approach to managing expenses, ensuring every expenditure contributes to your financial success and goals.

Visually analyze your data.


Stock Market

Track your stock portfolio & reconcile with demat a/c


Mutal Fund

Track your mutual funds & reconcile with folio a/c


Budget Planning

Plan and try to spend as per your set budget


Household Expenses

Keep record of all household expenses and analyze

An accounting solution for

every need and every household

Manage all aspects of your expense reports.

Explore Hisab-Kitab, your comprehensive accounting solution designed to meet the diverse needs of every household. From meticulous expense tracking to detailed financial reporting, our platform empowers you to manage every aspect of your expenses with efficiency and clarity. Simplify your financial management and gain control over your household finances like never before.

More Than 35 Items Can be Tracked With Hisab-Kitab

Sit back and relax while we

take care of your expense reporting

Life Goals - Plan and track your life goals and aspirations like child’s marriage, retirement, new home, new car and any other aspirations. Keep them in sight and in mind.
Total Investment Reporting - Track all kinds of investments like Stock Portfolio, Mutual Fund, Insurance Policies, Recurring/Fixed Deposits, in an organized manner.
Budget Planning - Bad expenses like smoking/drinking, if you quit or minimise these then you may pay a new car EMI or so as per your need and priority, apart from medical benifits.


Tracking Tools

Data is king. We are presenting your data in orderly manner.